Hi, I'm Kristen!

I began piano lessons at age 5, violin at 9, and viola at 10. I have a BA in Music from Brigham Young University, and have attended workshops through Suzuki and Musikgarten. My mission/passion is helping others have as much fun as possible through musical expression!

Other musical hats I've worn:

  • Symphony and chamber violist/violinist
  • Elementary orchestra teacher
  • Bluegrass fiddler
  • Jazz bass player
  • Choral soprano/alto/director
  • Church organist
  • Musikgarten toddler teacher
  • Live musician for weddings and receptions
  • Parent of three children
  • Website designer/developer promoting musical causes
Kristen Wilde
Practicing music together and having fun

Bluegrass fiddling in 2014 with two of my adult violin students and friends.